Caravan Electrical Repairs Perth



Allplant is the place to call for all your caravan electrical repairs. Our mobile service can come to you and we cover everything from:

  • Battery Management Systems
  • Caravan Electrical Accessories (power socket and cigarette lighter sockets)
  • Caravan Lighting
  • and more….

Caravans or campers are categorised as recreational vehicles equipped with a living space and amenities that are usually found in the home. This is used primarily for leisure activities such as camping, vacations, and travelling. Caravans usually come in different sizes, models, and capacities depending on the needs and requirements.

Like any other vehicles, caravans should be regularly checked and maintained for comfort and safety purposes. This should include the caravan mechanical and electrical systems. The procedures should be carefully done by service centres to ensure it’s highly functional and toughness on the road.

We at All Plant Auto Electrics, make sure that the best caravan services are being given to customers. One of our specialities involves caravan electrical repairs. Our skilled and well-trained personnel handle intensive electrical repairs and complete electrical solution. This primarily involves checking and assessing the extensive network of electrical cables of the caravans.

Our team guarantees customer satisfaction at all times with the way we handle your caravan units. Also, our electrical services include a supply of materials used in the repairs, complete aftermarket support and a full warranty for the services electrical repairs, Perth, Western Australia


Battery Management Systems for Caravans

Our battery management dual system is a complete battery charging and maintenance solution for caravans. It is designed to reach the optimum and best charging of automotive batteries by incorporating inputs from the main power (AC 240 Volts multi-stage charger), vehicle power (DC-DC multi-stage charge system), solar power (MPPT solar regulator) and vehicle battery isolator. The DC-DC charge system enables fast charging even it has a different characteristic with the automobile battery. The solar panels also allow optimum output even in low sunlight conditions. This battery system automatically selects between two easily configurable charging sources without requiring any input from the user. These five products in one compact package allow one to save time and money during installation. It also features an interactive LCD and remote control which is designed to show important information involved in charging and power generation. The battery management system ensures a quiet, safe, secure, and worry-free travels at all times.


Caravan Electrical Accessories

We offer a wide range of high quality and affordable caravan electrical accessories. These are designed to operate electrical devices in the caravan. Some of the accessories include the power socket and the cigarette lighter socket. Our power sockets are available in various types to suit your needs. It features waterproof coverings for protection and new designs for easy installation and access to power. We also offer several models of 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug and socket. These units are designed with rubber protectors and cap covers for safety and security. Moreover, the powering performance makes it a more suitable accessory for one’s caravan.


Caravan Lighting

Our wide range of LED lights is more power efficient and durable to use. The selection comes in a variety of sizes and shapes making it more ideal for illuminating the spaces in the caravan. These lights tend to operate and run at an impressive 80% efficiency making it more environment-friendly. Also, the LED lights compositions allow a more durable structure which is terrific in resisting heat, coldness, and even vibration. The LED lights that we offer can endure a long lasting lifespan that allows one to use it for a long period of time.


With the increasing demands for caravans, our company offers highly equipped servicing facilities and one-stop-shop for all the caravan’s equipment needs and services. We offer only the best and high-quality products to satisfy our customers and guarantee users of comfort and safety at all times.