Wiring Harness Manufacturers Australia

Manufacturers of Automotive Braided Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Looms.

We can design & a manufacture a wire harness to suit your needs, we also modify & braid existing harnesses

Recognised as one of the leading wiring harness manufacturers in Australia, this is one of Allplant Auto Electrics core expertise is the manufacture of automotive braided wiring harnesses (braided wiring looms). With full-time AutoCAD staff we are able to design and document a new wire harness to suit your needs or alternatively modify and braid your existing harnesses. Damaged harnesses can also be replicated with manufactured replacements.

For all installation and maintenance work we employ high-temp, halogen-free, 110°C copper wire; while harnesses are braided in high-temp ‘CAT-style’ nylon yarn. All wiring is hot-stamped or printed with ink jet to match identification with the wiring diagrams we supply at the completion of each project.

Our braided wiring systems can withstand the highest temperatures and are far more durable than standard wiring protection.

We supply quality wiring looms Australia wide, which can be manufactured with a variety of solid and trace colours to uniquely identify your company. High temp braid is the perfect solution for protecting your electrical harnesses while increasing their life span and reducing the downtime of your equipment.

Our knowledgeable staff and their strict attention to detail, will ensure you receive an end product of the highest quality.

We are based in Perth Western Australia; contact us today to find a suitable solution for your vehicle’s wire harness needs.